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Wild bird food
It is not only during the winter months that native, non-migratory birds have a hard time. Whereas the long, dry periods of winter frost mean that food is scarce and of a poor quality, our birds are also faced with difficult conditions during the warmer seasons: not only hedges, meadows and forest but also insects and other sources of food have had to give way to agriculture and new housing estates.Environmental changes and the loss of natural sources of food lead to undernourishment and lack or energy and vitamins which are vital for the immune system.Due to these changes in their natural habitat, birds are increasingly forced to seek shelter in our gardens. A natural garden concept can provide protection and plenty of food while attracting our feathered friends through its variety of seeds, fruits and insects.Erdtmanns wild bird food contributes towards providing our native birds with high-quality, energy-giving food, giving them strength and helping them to survive the year in good health.Erdtmanns assortment is ideally adapted to the diverse needs of the all year round birds, winter visitors and partly migratory birds that are common in Europe. It covers wild bird food to suit different species and diets: for seed-eating and omnivorous birds, those that prefer a mixture of soft food, those that visit bird tables or those that prefer to peck their food off the ground. The visible success of the special ingredients is the pleasing variety of birds in our own garden.
Special food
We are aided by keeping an open eye for our surroundings. Frost and snow alone are no longer the only culprits responsible for the lack of food in the animals’ natural environment. For certain species this can present a problem throughout the year. The more we humans destroy the countryside and the course of nature through building projects, cultivation and depletion of raw materials, the greater the need for compensation by creating new habitats and food sources. Our experience and our resources allow us to develop solutions that find a positive echo among consumers as well as helping wildlife. With Erdtmanns special food you also give our customers the opportunity to delight in animal visitors all year round.
Bird tables and nesting boxes
One of the main principles of wildlife conservation is to provide animals with a proper habitat. Our selection of nesting boxes is a start. It is an unfortunate fact that many natural broods fail to produce new bird families. It is estimated that 90 per cent of eggs laid by birds brooding in unprotected nests fail to hatch. Cold weather, natural enemies and lack of food which force the parent birds to leave the nest, are frequent causes. By installing a nesting box, it is possible to provide birds with a safe place in which to lay and hatch their eggs and rear their young.In addition, birds also use the nesting hollows for shelter during the winter. So there are good chances of closely observing the habits of a species of bird all year round by making the garden a substitute for natural hedgerows.Tall, hollow trees and empty buildings are often taken down, natural hedgerows, piles of wood and foliage removed – that makes the availability of suitable nesting grounds for hedgehogs and bats extremely rare in the cultivated garden. Since these are species that are in need of particular protection, our range offers animal lovers the opportunity of providing them with shelter.All nesting boxes are easy to open to enable them to be cleaned out following the nesting season from mid-August and after the winter from February onwards.
Accessories for the protection of birds
The indigenous bird population relies on the help of us human beings. The need is widely recognised and the willingness to help reassuringly widespread. However, people often have too little time, space or means to play an active role in protecting wild birds, setting up and caring for a feeding ground or supporting organisations. There is nevertheless still a lot that can be done for our feathered friends without a great deal of commitment. You can assist your customers by offering them practical accessories which you can also obtain from us.It takes just a few simple manoeuvres, for example, to prevent birds from being killed by hitting a window pane because they failed to recognise the obstacle in full flight. We have self-adhesive silhouettes of birds of prey that are fixed to the window like a normal window image and are designed to keep smaller birds at bay. It is also very easy to protect birds’ nests, nesting boxes or tree-mounted feeders from cats. The cat barrier is erected around the tree like a belt and prevents cats from climbing up the tree and plundering nests or lying in wait for birds visiting the bird table, without presenting a hazard to the cat itself. The protection of birds begins with the protection of insects that enter the household. Our "Insect Snappy" is designed to consign undesirable house guests into the fresh air – alive, where they can serve as food for the most effective, natural kind of pest control of all – the birds and their young.
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Thanks to the three new variations of Erdtmanns Plus fat balls you can treat wild birds to a few extras fat balls, the best of fruits, nuts and insects.
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