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Fat balls
Their wide diversity of ingredients, including oat and wheat flakes, a variety of fine seeds, and sunflower seeds containing plenty of fat, make Erdtmanns fat balls a banquet for every song-bird.
Rings, sticks, bells
Erdtmanns food rings contain oat flakes with a carbohydrate content of up to 60 %, cereals, sunflower seeds, and edible fats..
Whole peanuts of Erdtmanns are a healthy main meal for song birds. It is not only hawfinches who greatly enjoy our nut bags!
Assortments, feeding chains
Assortments of Erdtmanns provide a alternation in the feeding offer.
Feeding chains chains provide a multicolored conference at singing birds.
Mixed feed
Erdtmanns granular added, like e.g. sunflower cores and peanuts are both individual and in already optimal mixtures available.
Fat balls PLUS
Thanks to the three new variations of Erdtmanns Plus fat balls you can treat wild birds to a few extras fat balls, the best of fruits, nuts and insects.