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Variety in the feed offer attracts variety in the species that come to feed. Our assortments are therefore just as popular with our customers as with our winter guests.
Mixed pack 5 pieces
3 fat balls, 1 nut bag, 1 food stick on a planed wood tray, shrink-wrapped
Fun pack
500 g wild bird food, 1 fat ball, 1 food stick, 2 food rings, 1 nut bag on a planed wood tray, shrink-wrapped
Mixed pack 7 pieces
2 fat balls, 2 food rings, 2 nut bags, 1 food stick on a planed wood tray, shrink-wrapped
Bird food set
1 kg wild bird food, 1 kg energy mix, 500 g peanut granules, 3 fat balls, 2 nut bags (80 g) in a bucket
50 fat balls XXL, 36 x 6 fat balls, 30 x mixed pack 7 pcs, 45 x 5 nut bags, 24 x 1 Futterboy, 45 x 8-pcs. feeding chain
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It is not only during the winter months that native, non-migratory birds have ...
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