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More than 40 years ago Karl-Heinz Erdtmann decided to manufacture feed for birds living in the wild. It started back in 1960 with three employees and the production of food sticks and now it is Europe's second-biggest manufacturer of wild bird food as well as a full-range supplier of products for the wild birds that visit our gardens. The range is continually being extended with sensible innovations for animal welfare, so here the firm of Erdtmann's is pioneering once again.
The huge lead in know-how, development, and confidence that the original Erdtmann's products enjoy with buyers ensure that customers specifically ask for original Erdtmann's products. Perhaps this is because when they were children there always had to be fat balls with the snowman on the pack in winter, but in any case it must be because the purchaser can be certain of being able to offer exactly the right thing to his or her guests.
We have always made sure that our feathered winter guests are supplied not only with the necessary reserves of energy but also with important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. We therefore choose the ingredients for all our types of feed from the best cultivation areas in order to retain the best possible composition to ensure the health of each species. Gentle production processes and our quality assurance system retain the valuable ingredients and make Erdtmann's wild bird food the first choice of all real bird-lovers.
With our special feed, bird houses, nesting aids, and various accessories we also sell additional product that bring birds and humans, whether in the city or out in the country, closer together and better able to live together. After all it is only a human being who knows about birds and animals will develop a fascination and affection for them and realise how much they deserve protection. We think we have been able to make our small contribution here with our products ever since 1960.
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Thanks to the three new variations of Erdtmanns Plus fat balls you can treat wild birds to a few extras fat balls, the best of fruits, nuts and insects.
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