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Erdtmanns Squirrel food and forest bird food
Squirrels are not afraid of humans and extend their habitat to our gardens. To ensure these rodents get the right, healthy feed, Erdtmanns sells this delicious mixture of peanuts, peanut granules, hazelnuts and raisins.

A speciality for birds such as the siskin, finch, yellowhammer and bullfinch who prefer seed and rarely appear in areas of human civilization. Forest Bird Food consists of hemp, root crops, hulled oats, red, white and yellow millet, as well as linseed, canary seed and black seed.
600 g
squirrel food

2 x 300-g-bags,on a planed wood tray, shrink-wrapped
1,0 kg
forest bird food

complete feed for forest birds packed in a polythene bag
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