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It all started with the independent merchant Karl-Heinz Erdtmann and his day-to-day business of trading in overseas products. The very first customers showed great interest in tempting birds into their own gardens. Erdtmann quickly decided to get to the bottom of the needs of our domestic birds, researched the composition of the healthy raw materials and the optimum consistency of bird food, and finally, in 1962, produced his first tit dumpling. This became so popular that within just a few years he could specialise entirely in bird food, finally developing his first product range for European migratory birds, winter guests and partial migrants.
1960 Start of the production of tit candles with three employees.
1962 Production of the first tit dumpling, the first tit ring and sprinkle food.
1972 Erdtmann's tit dumplings are appearing in more and more gardens, so a new production hall is built to cover the demand.
1974 The first steps towards the foreign markets are taken, and production for Sweden is successful.
The demand for Erdtmann's bird food continues to increase. Now Karl-Heinz Erdtmann and his sons decide to expand production by building another production plant in nearby Lauenburg/Elbe. The company Erdtmann OHG, led by Karl-Heinz Erdtmann, Christoph Erdtmann (Business Division) and Franz Erdtmann (Technical Division) is also founded. New kinds of production plants are used and the first large orders are implemented.
1982 Intensive work and many business trips allow the food to be launched in Holland, Belgium, France and Norway. The production team now comprises more than 70 employees.
1987 The product range has already been expanded by many items; the production halls are remodelled and a new silo plant is built.
1988 Karl-Heinz Erdtmann hands the production site in Lauenburg to his two sons Christoph and Franz Erdtmann. The new company is now known as Christoph & Franz Erdtmann OHG.
1993 It is barely possible to get the raw materials quickly enough, and the silo plant is expanded.
Since Erdtmann's bird food is typically purchased in winter, the packages are redesigned, sporting the by now well-known snowman.
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Thanks to the three new variations of Erdtmanns Plus fat balls you can treat wild birds to a few extras fat balls, the best of fruits, nuts and insects.
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